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The Potter’s Workshop has grown over the last twenty years from Shop, to Studio to Workshop; now situated in a beautiful industrial park full of bird life and indigenous flora.

We are a creative team of twenty three people, each one coming from varied backgrounds and in this safe environment coming together  we produce functional unique works of African designed ceramics.

Against tradition it is the men that do the painting onto the raw slipcast pieces and the women doing the supportive  work. It can take up to two years to train the artists to become proficient in the even intricate designs that are executed.

It’s a joy to unpack the kilns and see the latest designs. Over years we have created our own particular style that is rooted in African tradition.

Recently we entered into collaborations with other designers to extend our range to include:

Potterseed: A gorgeous floral range developed with Kate Carlyle of Mustardseed & Moonshine. This budding new range has taken the strengths from each person. Kate’s delicate flower shapes with our skilled hand painted designs. Our artists have re-interpreted Mustardseed & Moonshine’s floral shapes with our signature designs.

Forbidden Fruit Lights: Approached by Swedish designers Mattias Rask & Tor Palm in 2010, we created these beautiful hand-decorated ceramic shades with colourful, turned pearls fitted on the cord. Through trial and error, the lights were received with enthusiasm by all.