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Mini Forbidden Fruit Lights

Mini me lights

Still loving the Forbidden Fruit Lights (mini me included in family)…. so much so that we are busy working on a Potterseed version of them. Shape has been designed, now for a bit of tweaking and working on a design, we’re excited to see them reinterpreted. Watch this space_____________

Retro Frique

Sand, sea & RETRO-FRIQUE leaf design

Inspired by the ocean and sandy beaches of Muizenberg, Wendell Adams mixed up some new shades that we are pleased to introduce to our colour range. Chris Silverston, loving the new colours gave the artists a task of redesigning our leaves in a 1950’s retro style. As always, we were not disappointed with the work […]

Picnic Basket

Picnic Basket

Reds, pinks and oranges – a well loved colour combo and the favorite of many a customer. Gorgeous bags and silver crystal trees adding a new dimension to the design. Makes me think of picnics and roses…….. Happy Mother’s day to all the special ladies.