Fezile Clive

The most elegant artist we have and definitely our most creative. His work is so refined, painted with an intelligent sensitivity. A quiet shy man that articulates freely on his facebook. His mathematical leanings show their precision in his work.

Ernest Adams
Ernest Adams

Who came to us many years ago.  With his maturing he has grown more beautiful in his work and being. Always accepting so much responsibility in his life and work. He tackles the complex orders, working long hours to meet the deadlines a step ahead.

Shawn Lehulere
Shawn Lehulere

Tall, debonair with a laugh that resonates throughout the factory. He has also grown into becoming one of our most competent artists who handles the large pieces with a steady consistency of good design.  He also loves to party, gym at the gym and live the good life.

Wendel Adams
Wendell Adams

Ernest’s younger brother who came to us straight from school, itching to get into “art”. With so many of his brother’s characteristics he has taken on the role of gently guiding & teaching others. Also a responsible hardworking father, is shouldering so much in his young life.

Jabu Ndlovu

A most distinctive personality that reflects in his work. His former training was  in beading  and now with his love of  painting, has brought a unique quality to the art. He constantly challenges himself to re-design, a process he enjoys enormously and there is always a little quirk to the work.

Themba Mahlangu
Themba Mahlangu

Gangly, funny and incredibly talented artist who has delighted in painting the Potterseed because of his love of flowers. He has a refined discipline in his work.

He’s a wonderful dancer, teaching in his area, playing soccer and relaxing with his music, TV & movies.

Patrick Mbethe
Partick Mbethe

Has been with us from the early days as an artist. He has struggled with his health but is back on track and producing work of steady beauty which has grown with his years of developed skill and talent. 

Sibongile Siboma
Sibongile Siboma

One of the original artists. Has been with us right from the start that after being with us a few months had to recover from a bad beating in the townships. A man with dignity that loves to laugh and joke and always willing to lend a helpful hand. His strong individualistic style is fresh and naïve incorporating whimsical portrayals of animals and nature into his designs. He is one of the only artists with a driver’s license! 

Bafana Msizi
Bafana Msizi

The cool dude of the workshop team. He has to be encouraged to stretch himself and when that happens surprises us with very fine work.  A rap music fan who used to sing in the townships and even auditioned for popstars.

Monde Msutwana

Has struggled with the process of being bread-winner at such a young age. This is sometimes a heavy burden for him. A steady reliable young man. He prefers to stay with work that is safe but is tentatively reaching out into trying new designs. He has been under Jabu`s wing and that has helped him to be a little more adventurous.

Franklin Tamana

A quiet gentle soul that recently joined us. Hardworking and quickly developed his own style that is lively and unusual. A pleasure to have him as one of the artists. 

Revino May

Our newest trainee, coming from the world of working the earth into learning to paint.  He has caught on so quickly with neat sure strokes. Another soft gentle soul. 

Portrait photography by Deborah da Silva and Kane Croudace