Narieman & Chris

Narieman Johnstone

Came to work for us, starting out as a wild single person and ending up  a loving wife and mom of two. She has become invaluable to the POTTER’S WORKSHOP, and  helped it to grow with complete commitment 24/7.  A cool professional exterior that melts upon familiarity. Providing a steady fair keel to staff and customers guiding us through some very difficult waters. Constantly learning and developing and keeping up-to-date with progress.

Chris Silverston

Started the business in 1986 and never stopped loving it. She is the grandma of two boys and feels like the mother of her staff of 23.

She never ceases to be amazed at the constant beauty of the ceramics that get painted and joy of constant creation.

What a privilege to be part of this creative world and surrounded by the outpourings of this astonishing work.


Lorraine Trimmel

Part of the admin three, Lorraine with her warmth and mothering is quintessential.  She has learned so many new skills and taken on the role as chief quality controller.  She is never still, always busy but always  has time to give a smile, a help and a cup of tea.


Grace Telana

The gogo of The Potter’s Workshop. Nothing to touch her loyalty or ability to organise the slipcasting under pressure and keep a firm hand on her domain.  From being a domestic worker to a shabeen mama after hours she is the rock that this company is built on.


Paul Tinzi 

Our man Friday who has learned how to slipcast and help Grace out. Definitely one of our most cheerful chaps with an easygoing helpful attitude. A pleasure having around.


Thomas Jim

Came to us with no experience and had to learn how to jigger.  He is a quiet decent man that works so hard and respectfully and a joy to have as part of the team. He takes enormous pride in his hard learned skill and helps the rawclay team.


Enid Nathan

Having worked at Mustardseed & Moonshine as Kate Carlyle’s chief production manager, she joined us at the beginning of 2012 to head up Potterseed.  With  steady discipline and quiet assurance she has become part of our team integrating her neat meticulous energy and organising this whole new expansion with her grace.


Edwina April

Also moving over from Mustardseed & Moonshine, impeccably trained as top decorator , always with a ready smile that quietly lights up the space she works in, she brings her perfection of detail into her work.


Zaidah Johnstone

Our hardworking entrepreneur who has left us several times, but keeps coming back to add spit and fire to the mix.  She’s been a general all round helper but is now focusing on training in the making of Potterseed greenware.


Avril Morris

Is a member of the original team having been with us for years and years. She used to help Chris pack the kilns but has now taken over sole responsibility of the job, packing and glazing 100 cubic feet of kilns twice a week. She has an aura of steady, calm cheer.


Fatima Johnstone

The baby sister of Narieman who came to us straight from school. She has grown over the last few years with gracious self assurance, from duckling to swan.  Newly wed, she has become extremely organised and justifiably proud of  her packing skills. This ensures that our fragile ceramics can travel safely to all their  worldwide destinations.


Anusha Solomon

Our youngest married mom and youngest worker of the bunch. She mainly fettles our greenware, working quietly away but making everyone laugh at her quirky sense of fun, endearing herself to all.


Agnes Musanebere

Came to us from Rwanda and could hardly speak any English which has now changed over the years. She keeps our factory clean and orderly and always has a smile on her face as nothing is too much trouble for her, even when she is pulled in so many directions. She has a hidden talent of singing and sewing which we occasionally glimpse.

Portrait photography by Deborah da Silva and Kane Croudace